Version History of WordPress 3.2 (IIS)

On July 4, 2011, WordPress Version 3.2 "Gershwin", named in honor of the composer and pianist George Gershwin, was released to the public.


  • Refreshed Administrative UI - Admin redesign
  • New Default Theme "Twenty Eleven" - Uses the latest Theme Features
  • Full Screen Editor - Distraction free writing experience
  • Extended Admin Bar - More useful links to control the site
  • Requirements Changes -
    • PHP 5.2.4 or greater (old requirement - since WordPress 2.5 was PHP 4.3 or greater)
    • MySQL 5.0.15 or greater (old requirement - since WordPress 2.9 was MySQL 4.1.2 or greater)
  • Enhanced Browser Compatibility -
    • Drop Internet Explorer 6 support
    • Start End-of-life (EOL) cycle for Internet Explorer 7
    • Browse Happy notify users of out-of-date browser
  • WordPress is Faster and Lighter -
    • Faster page loads -- We've gone through the most commonly loaded pages in WP and done improvements to their load time
    • Faster Upgrades -- The update system now support incremental upgrades so after 3.2 you'll find upgrading faster than ever
    • Optimizations to WP_Filesystem -- Updates over FTP are now much quicker and less error prone
    • Stream downloads to the filesystem -- Improves update times and lowers the memory footprint
    • Performance improvements for wptexturize()
    • Remove PHP4 compatibility including timezone support
    • More efficient term intersection queries
    • Some optimizations in the HTML sanitizer (kses)
    • Speed optimizations for is_serialized_string()
    • Cache the Dashboard RSS Widgets HTML output to reduce unnecessary Ajax requests as well as the memory footprint
    • And many other improvements and tweaks

User Features


  • Admin Bar: Add a Themes submenu under Appearance, for consistency
  • Admin Bar: Add View Site/Dashboard links, 'View X' links in the admin, 'View' action link for terms, new custom taxonomy string: view_item, defaulting to 'View Tag' and View Category'
  • Admin Bar: Support Edit link for Attachments
  • Switch from "Panel/SubPanel" to "Screen" in inline documentation and Codex links
  • Add collapse link to admin menu
  • Help Tab text updates
  • Favorites menu no longer exists
  • New Freedoms (rights) and Credits links at bottom of admin screens
  • Use monospaced font for HTML editor
  • Validate the HTML in the admin area
  • Make copying the PressThis bookmarklet code easier in WebKit browsers
  • Move copyright notices to license.txt
  • Refresh login form styles to match admin style


  • Change View All Buttons into plain links
  • Show full set of status links in recent comments box
  • Drop "Change Theme" button
  • Update core UI changes; "Update Automatically" changed to "Update Now", first core update is now a primary button
  • Core support for partial updates


  • Change Menu Name from 'Posts' to 'All Posts'
  • Show the sticky posts checkbox ("Stick this post to the front page") Only when author has 'edit_others_posts' capability
  • Updated styles for the Visual editor buttons
  • Full screen editor experience called Distraction Free Writing - accessed via the Toggle Fullscreen mode tool in the Visual editor and fullscreen button in the HTML editor (Trac Ticket 17198)
  • New sprite for the TinyMCE buttons
  • Fix pagination when searching or filtering posts


  • Add 'Add New' button to edit media
  • Update the oEmbeds


  • Change Menu Name from 'Links' to 'All Links'
  • Add 'Add New' button to edit links


  • Change Menu Name from 'Pages' to 'All Pages'


  • New comment bubble styling


  • New Default theme - TwentyEleven - based on Duster Theme (Trac Ticket 17198).
  • Allow selecting previously uploader headers and randomly serving previously uploaded or default headers
  • Denote images that are headers or backgrounds in the media ui
  • Show hierarchy for pages and taxonomies in nav menus admin
  • Introduce new is_multi_author() template tag to make it easier for themes to have different behaviour when a site has more than one author
  • Be less specific about theme repo licenses (as they can vary in specifics). They are all compatible with the license WordPress uses


  • Allow plugins to disable screen options with filter
  • Be less specific about plugin repo licenses (as they can vary in specifics). They are all compatible with the license WordPress uses


  • Change Menu Name from 'Tools' to 'Available Tools'
  • Press This bookmarklet redesign
  • UI refresh for Press This
  • Export commentmeta


  • Change Menu Name from 'Users' to 'All Users'
  • Add 'Add New' button to edit users


Install Process


  • Show access denied page and list a user's sites if they visit an admin they don't have permissions for rather than redirecting to the users' primary blog
  • Make "Space Used" gray instead of green in multisite Right Now box
  • Make user validation when adding a user via network admin consistent with adding a user elsewhere and provide better feedback for validation problems
  • Allow Pagination for Must-Use/Dropin plugins; respect WP_CONTENT_DIR & WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR for help text; move help text into WP_Plugins_List_Table
  • Rename network admin submenus to not clash with top level menus

Development, Themes, Plugins

  • Add a per-post-type nav menu items filter for plugin control
  • Add an extra FTP_LANG_DIR override constant to short-circuit WP_Filesystem_Base::find_folder(WP_LANG_DIR)
  • Add .ics / text/calendar to the whitelist of allowed file types
  • Add cache_domain argument to get_terms() to allow caching to a unique set of cache buckets; useful when taxonomy queries have been modified via filters and need their own cache space
  • Add menu id for admin-bar's dashboard and view-site link
  • Add option_page_capability_$option_page filter
  • Add quotes to [value="some"] selectors re: jQuery
  • Add theme feature strings for translation
  • Allow custom author elements such as email
  • Allow get_pages() to support multiple post statuses
  • Allow plugins to control user and network admin canonical redirect
  • Allow plugins to hook into wp-admin/update-core.php
  • Allow querying empty meta values
  • Allow retrieving comments by post type, status, author, author, name, or parent. Fetch only published posts for recent comments widget
  • Allow taxonomies to be queried by $_GET parameters on non-taxonomy url's
  • Allow WP_Query 'post_status' parameter to accept an array, as well as a singular value and comma separated list
  • Apply 'editable_slug' filter to parent page slugs in get_sample_permalink()
  • Apply 'editable_slug' filter in post_slug_meta_box()
  • Centralize pagination bound exceeding redirects for list tables
  • Change esc_url_raw references to esc_url
  • Check return value of wp_check_browser_version() and make return value consistent
  • Code readability improvements
  • Default WP_LANG_DIR to `WP_CONTENT_DIR/languages` when `wp-includes/languages/` doesn't exist
  • Deprecate wp_clone() but left the function in wp-includes/load.php
  • Don't 404 for empty post type archives
  • Don't load themes functions.php for upgrades
  • Don't refresh the admin menu after page load, apply the user-state from PHP, fix behaviour after folding the menu
  • Don't set fields to empty values in _wp_translate_data()
  • Don't show broken 'View' links when a custom post type is not publicly queryable
  • Don't use array calling for post_status in wp_edit_attachments_query() to prevent any use of the deprecated query_string filter (as in, don't use it)
  • Ensure all theme searching is done case-insensitive
  • Fix handing of super admins that don't have a blog in get_dashboard_url() and login
  • Fix mistaken use of publicly_queryable in when public was what was intended for register_post_type()
  • Fix notice when invalid taxonomy is passed to wp_tag_cloud()
  • Hide update bubble counts for users who can't perform the update
  • Introduce get_screen_icon()
  • Introduce is_multi_author() to check if more than one author has published posts for this site
  • Introduce 'name_admin_bar' label and 'show_in_admin_bar' (Add New menu) argument for Post Types
  • Introduce Stream-To-File for the WP_HTTP API - reduces memory consumption during file downloads; implemented in download_url() for upgraders
  • Introduce wp_http_supports() as replacement for the http_transport_(get|post)_debug hooks
  • Introduce WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT' constant for the high memory limit set when image processing and unzipping; ensure it is always filterable by plugins as well as configurable in wp-config.php
  • Introduce WP_Meta_Query and relation support
  • Pass image URL's to thickbox via L10n in script-loader.php; allows thickbox to be used on any page in the install without defining the image URL variables
  • Properly handle https in ixr client
  • Provide more arguments to the widgets on the 404 page so as to avoid notices
  • Rename duplicate 'delete_post' and 'deleted_post' actions to 'before_delete_post' and 'after_delete_post'
  • Remove support for the PHP HTTP Extension from WP_HTTP. The PHP HTTP Extension is a wrapper around libcurl and fopen() providing limited configuration and is supported on a minority of servers due to its non-default inclusion
  • Return false from is_page_template() if the template is default
  • Set is_* flags for AND taxonomy queries
  • Set the mb_string internal encoding to ISO-8859-1 whilst uncompressing archives using PclZip; fixes 'PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid block size' errors on systems utilising mbstring.func_overload
  • Stop themes and plugins from overriding the admin bar CSS
  • Support Chrome Frame
  • Update jQuery to 1.6.1
  • Update jQuery UI to 1.8.2
  • Update json2.js
  • Update _old_files
  • Update phpass
  • Update phpmailer and smtp to 5.1
  • Update pop3 class
  • Update TinyMCE to 3.4.2 (Trac Ticket 17086)
  • Update wp_mail to correctly call the Address adding functions on PHPMailer for To, CC, BCC and preserving support for full RFC2822 address specifications
  • Updated PHPdocs for wpdb class, XML-RPC functions, HTTP API, add_submenu_page, wp_templating_constants(), wp_check_browser_version()
  • Use the post type object in get_posts_by_author_sql() and add a post type parameter to count_many_users_posts(); pub_priv_sql_capability filter is considered deprecated
  • Validate post status against capabilities in Press This
  • Verify certificate matches both the common name and the provided hostname; WP_HTTP_Curl requires CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST be either 2 or false
  • When upgrading plugins/themes, if the new destination folder is different from the previous folder, delete the old folder upon upgrade
  • XML-RPC add support to wp.getPostFormats to provide a list of the currently supported post formats in addition to the complete list
  • XML-RPC allow Pages to have a status of pending
  • XML-RPC include the post status in the response for mt.getRecentPostTitles calls
  • XML-RPC introduce a special wp_die handler for XMLRPC requests to ensure we send an XML response