Version History of WordPress 2.8.3

  • Stop direct loading of files in wp-admin that should only be included, for 2.8
  • Add some CYA cap checks.
  • More cap checks, for 2.8
  • Fix invalid border-radius css, props Simek, fixes #10500 for 2.8
  • Don't show edit link for comments when the user cannot edit them, props filosofo, fixes #10520 for 2.8
  • Fix comment author url when editing, fixes #10466 for 2.8
  • Pings to the people. Return to pinging for updates to published posts. see #6698 for 2.8
  • Process waiting pings a half hour after the last ping to avoid spamming ping sites. Don't make a ping wait if the last ping was more than half an hour ago. Props VoxPelli. fixes #6698 for 2.8