Version History of WordPress 2.1.3

  • Ticket 3706 Admin Menu Hooks confusing
  • Ticket 3979 Can\'t set a static page as the front page
  • Ticket 3827 private posts are not appearing on main page for users with read_private_posts
  • Ticket 3873 wp_import_upload_form() needs to escape ampersands
  • Ticket 3891 Multiple errors when passing some query variables as an a array(Only with Register Globals ON)
  • Ticket 3896 Wrong indices in match array in parse_w3cdtf
  • Ticket 3959 PHP 5 only syntax in general-template.php (changeset 5009)
  • Ticket 3981 Patch: Improve error propagation from newMediaObject failure in xmlrpc.php
  • Ticket 3988 Sanitize pagenow in admin-header.php