Version History of Wordpress 3.8

Introduces a new, modern admin design

  • A fresh, uncluttered design
  • Clean typography with Open Sans
  • Superior contrast and large, comfortable type
  • Responsive interfaces throughout
  • Refined, theme management
  • Smoother, click-to-add widget management

New Default Theme - Twenty Fourteen

  • Easily create a responsive magazine website with a sleek, modern design.
  • Feature your favorite homepage content in either a grid or a slider.
  • Use the three widget areas to customize your website, and change your content's layout with a full-width page template and a contributor page to show off your authors.

For Developers

  • External Libraries have been updated.
  • Better RTL support

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where top-level categories were only redirecting if they had no children
  • Fix bug in wp_get_object_terms() where returned were strings not integers
  • Fix a bug where passing a null value to meta_query resulted in wonkiness with the comparison operator
  • Fix "'wp_signups' already exists for query" error after updating a Multisite network
  • Fix bug in get_bookmarks() caused by missing parentheses
  • Fix comment_notification_recipients filter behavior so that it is still respected even on comments left by the post author
  • Fix a date comparison error in dashboard_relative_date()
  • Fix keyboard accessibility for row actions in list tables.
  • Fix no-js and accessibility modes in in the Widgets screen
  • Fix a bug where menus could still be assigned to a non-existent theme location
  • Silence jQuery Migrate errors in the General settings page